1. CFD1000 SCAM – Withholding Withdrawal

    I want to write this post to share my experience and to help anyone that is planning to open an account with CFD1000 or is already trading with them.

    If you’re already trading with them, you may want to try to withdraw your funds to see what happens. Please share your experience.

    I will try to make this as short and informative as possible:


    I requested a withdrawal of €6,000 on May 25, 2015 (6 months ago) and I am still waiting.
    I personally know three other people that are in the same situation as me and still waiting for their withdrawals.

    For the last 6 months I have been trying to contact CFD1000 and it has been near to impossible to contact anyone. They do not contact me back (I have tried via email, live chat, phone, skype). When I have managed to reach someone they never give me a solution or pass me on to another sales representative.


    Mr Franklin Martinez and Mr. Paul Miller promised that my funds would always be segregated through an external company called Lamda. This was a lie, as when I trade with CFD1000, my funds are in CFD1000´s account and not in my Lamda account.


    Mr Franklin Martinez advised that CFD1000 was regulated in New Zealand. When we checked, this was not true. They are not regulated anywhere. They state on their terms and conditions “The company was incorporated in the New Zealand under the International Business Companies”, however we cannot find any company registered as CFD1000 Limited.


    I have personally been to the office address they state on their website (88 Wood StreetLondon EC2V 7AJ , United Kingdom) and there is no office under CFD1000 or any other of their company names.


    CFD1000 is a pure market maker. This means that they create their own market prices (do not have to be the same as official market prices) and they take the other side of your position. When you win they lose and vice-versa. As you can imagine, no one but the broker can win with this type of business model.


    If you are lucky they will likely process the first 1-3 withdrawals (to get your confidence) and then will not process anymore withdrawals.

    No one really knows where they are truly based. Some say in Russia and others in Israel.

    I hope this review has helped. These type of companies need to be stopped and I find it incredible how easily they can get away with it!

    Thank you and best of luck

  2. I’ve had a terrible experience with this broker. They have stolen a significant investment of mine. They showed initial profits in my account however one fine day they opened multiple positions in my account and gave me margin calls.

    On further investigation I have found this is no forex broker but a bunch of criminals operating a forex website. The hosting providers should shutdown such hoax sites whose sole purpose is to steal the innocent investors money. BEWARE of

  3. I am being scammed by CFD1000 as I post this comment. My account says that I have $20,000UDS. I received a phone call from my broker this morning saying that I have a negative balance of $19,000 as they lost some trades and to save my money I must deposit another $5,000USD When I refused to give them more money the broker offered $15,000USD from them if I deposited the $5,000. I refused and the broker got very upset. He transferred me to another broker who tried to convince me to do what he was asking for. I refused again.
    During the conversation my login to the Co. failed and I told the broker that. He said that he would fix that and call me back.
    He did call me back and said that I was now at a negative balance of $30,000USD and needed the money from me to save my account. I refused. I told him that I wanted my investment of $8,640 back and close the account. He said the money was lost. I don’t think I will ever see that money again. Has anyone ever recovered any lost money to all the scammers out there? Don’t invest with this Co. I give them 0 stars. They are scammers!!!

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